Touch 101



This site was designed to help you if you are new to the game or need a short refresher. This page contains the basics of touch rugby, including: what it is, the rules, different positions, the field, and common terms we use on the field. Other sections will go more in depth on defense, offense, and subbing patterns.


What is Touch?

Touch Rugby (aka touch football and footy) a non-tackle variation of rugby league where player touch their opponents (includes body, hair, clothing, and ball). Each team can only have six (6) players on the field. Each team will get six (6) touches to make it to the try line and score (unless there's a penalty, which you can read more about in the document linked below). You can play:

Other divisions may be broken down by age.



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Touch Rugby Positions


Middles are the two players are in the middle of the field. Middles work hard on defensive - they handle the largest workload. These players are fit and consistent players (including skill and touch IQ).


Links sit on the each side of the middles. They are usually fast, smart and/or elusive attacking players that can handle the ball well (think good passing, catching, and good timing).



Wingers sit outside of each link and are typically the fastest players on the team. They have the most vision of anyone on the field due to their positioning. They must be good defenders, which includes clear communication and decision-making.